Amped Five is a world leader in image processing software specifically designed for investigative,
forensic and security applications. Its primary purpose is to provide forensic investigators a complete
and unique solution to process and analyze digital images and video data in a simple, fast and precise way.

           Enhance the efficiency of forensic body fluid investigations pregnancy , Fertility Drugs of Abuse Antibodies Also offer Serascope        barcode-aided drug screen tests with a free mobile application for iPhone/iPad.

provides evidence collection and crime scene investigation products
to crime laboratories and crime scene investigators throughout the world.

        Abacus Diagnostics is a science based company that develops and manufactures crimescene
    products such as well-known ABAcard® p30 for the forensic identification of semen, HemaTrace®
    for the forensic identification of human blood, SALIgAE® for the forensic identification of saliva,
    Uritrace® for the forensic identification of urine, Hemascein® for the identification of latent bloodstains.